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Wine is a personal preference and tasting of a variety of great wines will allow you to find the ones that speak to you. Over the years we have gained an ability to provide the right wineries to our guests. Whether you’re the hard core collector, or seeking a wine experience where you meet the winemaker and just enjoy yourself, we know how to bring the valley to you. 

Vine Driven is much different from others in that we are more than drivers, we are true locals that are passionately driven by wine. 

The Napa Valley and Sonoma County wine regions are actually small communities and where our expertise lies. You would be hard pressed to find a winemaker that doesn’t know one of us by first name. At Vine Driven, you’ll enjoy an inviting approach as we share our Napa Valley lifestyle with you. 

We love our jobs! Each day we get to meet great people from all walks of life. It’s enjoyable for us to make your experience special. 


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